How To Choose The Best Inflatable Air Lounges?


There is nothing better than a great time to treat yourself by lying on the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset after experience a lot of stressful stuff in work and life, hence the inflatable air lounges were invented to make your day for relax become more enjoyable. However, there would be a lot of products out there that are so-called the best inflatable lounges but no one will assure that they are on the top quality unless they experience with them, so here are the 5 best inflatable lounges as recommendations, which have experienced and preferred by a lot of users.

Lamzac Hangout

This Lamzac Hangout inflatable air lounge should be on your list to take considerations if you are looking for a best inflatable air lounge. But what are the special things of this product? Let’s begin with the name Lamzac Hangout! This model is known to be designed by a Dutch inventor named Marijin Oomen and  the word Lamzac was just a way Marijin used a play on words for the original word ‘Lamzak’ which means ‘lazy person’ in Dutch. However, what are else about this product to deserve the 5 stars at Amazon and other online sellers?

  • Firstly, it is very easy to put in your bag or car trunk because when it is folded, it become very small when measuring only 7 x 14 inches but it won’t take you much time to inflate when needed.
  • Secondly, Lamzac Hangout is made from a very durable material – nylon parachute ripstop, so it is assured to be durable longer than other products.
  • Thirdly, the weight resistance of Lamzac Hangout is up to 440 pounds and 78.7 by 35.4 inches of dimensions when it is fully inflated, which allows 2 – 3 persons to sit or lie on it.
  • Finally, there are multiple colors available to choose for a Lamzac Hangout including Aqua Blue, Black, Fuchsia, Grass Green, Purple, Red and Olive Green.

SunbaYouth Beach Lounger

If you are looking for an inflatable lounger that is more affordable, add SunbaYouth beach lounger to your list. What are things that you need to know about this product. SunbaYouth beach lounger is made of high quality polyester cloth and PVC, a durable material which allow you to use on most surfaces including grass, sand and even hard rock. How about the weight resistance of this model? 350 pounds is enough to let 2 people comfortably lie on for relax. Moreover, SunbaYouth beach lounge comes with ergonomic design when it weights only 1.34kg by itself, so it allows you to take it with you everywhere you go. Plus, with this model, it is easy to use as a sofa and bed.

AeroNest Air Lounger

best inflatable loungers

Many people may think of inflatable air lounges as the portable sofas to lie on the beach, but these convenient loungers are often brought to pool, camping place or even music festival due to the foldable and lightweight designs of them, hence this Aeronest air lounger is also perfect for those purposes of using. This model seems to be very strong when it can bear the weight of 400 pounds and if it is fully inflated, it measures 22 by 34 by 68 inches which means more than one person is allowed to sit on. Moreover, with this model, it can lasts for 3 – 6 hours to be deflated, so you and your friends can comfortably take a nap on it without worrying you may suddenly fall over while sleeping. In addition, when using the Ultralight Ripstop material for this product, which helps the inflatable air lounge be protected against from abrasion, this model will definitely content the users when experiencing the products.

Frelop Inflatable Lounger

You are looking for an inflatable air lounge to bring along to the picnic with friends or an outdoor party by a swimming pool? This Freelop inflatable lounge is very perfect in design that is easy to carry and easy to use.

The outstanding upside of this model that will satisfy the users’ requirements is the ability to support the weight up to 440 pounds, so 2 – 3 people can sit on the lounger at the same time without worrying about the lounger will be deflated. In addition, the exterior is made of nylon and the interior is made of PVC, which make this model of lounge perfect for using outdoor like sand on the beach or grass surface. Moreover, this inflatable air lounge is also lightweight that make it easy to carry everywhere or when you need to put it on your travel bag.

The KAISR Original

KAISR Original is the last one you should take considerations before going to purchase an inflatable air lounge in person. But what are the great things of this model? The KAISR Original comes with lightweight design that allow you to easily carry and also easy to inflate. Are you thinking of an inflatable air lounge that can let you lazily lie on it for hours to enjoy the fresh air on the beach? You are finding out the right one to make your day more enjoyable when the KAISR Original is designed to lasts for 6 hours. You are planning to go on a vacation with friends? The KAISR Original is also perfect for the ability of weight resistance when it allows bearing three adults to sit on. If you need to fold it down and put in your travel bag for carrying wherever you go, just deflate it and with its 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs) of weight, it won’t bother you to take it with you on long journey.

To conclude, there are a lot of things that may affect your choices when buying an inflatable air lounge. But remember to take these considerations before you grab your perfect one. First is the price, second is the weight resistance of the product, third is the material of inflatable air lounge and the last is the warranty that comes with the product.

Source: Fishing Hunting Center

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What are the Best Coolers for Keeping Ice the Longest

The role of a cooler is obviously to keep things stay chilled. We can see it everywhere in daily life with many forms, sizes, colors since its function is well needed. When we need foods to be preserved and stay edible as well as needing cold drinks or frozen ice creams, here comes the coolers. Hunters, campers, boaters, fishers,… are quite similar with these.



There are different kinds of coolers base on each person needs and preferences. But, coolers are mostly cared for one thing, ice retention. That is one vital feature decides how long a particular cooler can keep the ice from melting completely.

Types of Cooler

We can divide coolers into three types: Hard coolers, Soft Coolers and Electric coolers also called portable fridge.

  • Hard coolers are the big chests you can see at camp, on boat of a fisher or at house of a hunter. There are two smaller types in hard coolers which are traditional and high end. The main difference between them is just the technology used for more efficiency. And of course, high end is the one with developed technology with higher price as a result.
  • Soft coolers are the one with shoulder bag, pack back or lunch box designs. They are light, easy to use, often used for picnic, short day camping, outside parties or lunches, et cetera. Therefore, they’re the one with the least ice retention of all types.
  • Electric coolers (portable fridge), these one use energy from electricity or battery for functioning. They’re mostly used in trailers.

Soft coolers are for daily uses, have least quality of ice retention feature in three types. And electric coolers are sourced by energy so they’re used in specific conditions. That leaves us hard coolers are the ones commonly used with people who do outdoor activities with long period of time. Let’s discuss about this type.

What is the Best Cooler for Keeping Ice the Longest

We care about the ice retention most when talking about coolers. So, there’s no debate which is better between traditional and high end type. High end is obviously better with the higher price since it’s invested with more technologies. So, if you’re serious about hunting, fishing,… as well as you’re outdoor activity people and you’re able to afford better one, think about the high end coolers

Though keeping ice longest as possible is the most focused one but it’s just one role of the simulation. Simulation is vital function and feature of a cooler. It has two roles: food temperature maintenance and ice retention. In most cases, it’s not the ice that you want keep but the food. The ice retention has correlation with food preservation, the better the role of ice retention, the longer food can be preserved. They are coolers with preservation method of cooling, so not a doubt that people always thought about the ice keeping feature in stead of food keeping feature. They’re connected to each others after all.

However, this leads people to a mistake that the foods are edible as long as the ice does not melt completely while they’re absolute different. The Drug and Food administration said 400F is the maximum temperature that perishable food can be preserved. Therefore, as long as the coolers can keep temperature under 400F, the food is safe. And this period of time is difference from time of ice retention.

There are people who have tested the food maintenance and ice retention of coolers. We’ll see some of the researches:

  • One:A group of people at “Outdoorgearlab” has carried out a research and claimed that the ice would melt completely after 1 – 2 day which the food safe temperature is reached. In the research, they picked the high end model of each famous brands for the test. They are ORCA, Pelican, Yeti, Igloo, Engel, Grizzly, et cetera.
  • Yeti, ORCA and Pelican are well known for their quality and price reputation. ORCA maintains food safe temperatures for six full days and more while Yeti and Pelican make it nearly 6 days. Igloo follows after with more than 5 days. Let’s take a look at their ice retention then. As the research indicated, Yeti, ORCA and Pelican make the ice retain for 7 days. Followed right after with 6 days are Engel and Igloo. The Grizzly and Coleman are 5 days. Note that ORCA, Pelican and Engel are claimed to be up to 10 days by producers.
  • Two:Let’s digging into another testing from Derek Lobato at “FourWheeler”. They take the six top claimed coolers for outdoor activity for the test. They are from ORCA, Pelican, Canyon, Grizzly Yeti and Coleman. As no surprise that ORCA, Pelican and Yeti always have the best in quality of ice retention feature, they last for six and a half days. The most surprising one is Canyon, Canyon Coolers Outfitter model particularly, the ice lasted seven full days and it has been rated quite fondly by the testers. The rest are Grizzly and Coleman are not as well as those mentioned above.

In short, Yeti, ORCA, Pelican and Engel are your best choice brands when talking about long last keeping ice coolers. This is a well known reputation in cooler world not just the claim I deduce from just those two tests above. Of course, they will come with a bitter price but we are discussing what are the best coolers for keeping ice the longest,  not what are your suited coolers. However, there always might be some models from some not too much famous brands which exceed in quality or have quality as good as the famous ones. Life always has surprises, so look for reviews on the internet or test them out yourself. You may have a good but cheap cooler or another aspects in cooler market.

Coolers are important for keeping your food in outdoor activities. Above are some points about which brands and which types of coolers give the most efficiency. The better ice retention, the better food temperature maintenance. But remember, the time of preserving food is shorter than the time of retaining the ice. Moreover, If you’re wondering about motormolding, most of high end coolers are designed with motormolding technology for better ice retention and durability. Therefore what you need to do is noticing if it’s really motormolded or not.

One final thing, the ice and food can be kept in long period of time or not also depends on your using and some notices from the producers. For instance, you need to eliminate the melted ice, fill the coolers full for better functioning, or you have to precool, et cetera. Pay attention, or your coolers won’t function as you wish.

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Best fly fishing tricks for newbies

If you ask anglers whether or not fly fishing is difficult, some of them will say “yes”. However, it does not mean it is hard. If you are a newbie and looking for some tips and tricks to get up to speed, please follow this article below.

fly fishing

1. Right wading:

If you have got right techniques to wade, surely the award will be very big. Prior to wading, it is advised to fish near the bank shore to avoid a scared fish-spooking the others. Then, gradually start to move slowly and cautiously, try your best to not kick up much gravel or sand as any sudden silt clouds flowing downstream can be a serious alarm the block of fish. And as the result, your game is over.

2. Easy Fly Casting

You should keep it as simple as possible right from the beginning. Below are step – by – step guideline:

Backcast: make the rod tip near the water and then move it backward, gradually increasing the speed from slow, medium and fast. Stop once it goes past your shoulders and allow the line to straighten out.

Forward Cast: keep repeating the speed process described above if your feel a tug and at eye – level, end up to stroke casting with your rod tip.

Presentation: Unfold the line and then have the rod tips drifted towards to lawn.

3. To catch more fish, choose short lines:

It is rather pretty when you choose long and graceful lines. Yet, in turns, they are too tough to deal with. Basically, on the market now, there is a wide range of currents in a river or stream. On the other hand, there is a rule of thumb – the more lines on the stream or river, the more fly fishes will drag, which means it is better to choose shorter lines because they will help newbies to make the right performance as well as they will catch more fishes.

4. Fly choice:

It will take much time and be boring to spend all day long just to study the entire Latin names for bugs. Please choose a suitable pattern due to the dimension, silhouette and color once an insect is found out under a drifting or rock on the surface of the water.

5. Go and hook up panfish:

Fishing tip how to

On a fly rod, small bass, as well as bluegills, are fun when catching them. Maybe they are picky, but not that picky as trout. From that point, while you hone more skills, you are absolutely able to get in on the action.

6. How to fish in clear and slow water:

In this case, it is rather difficult, especially for newbies, to catch fishes as they can see your movement as well as your fly. They do not hurry up and the tip here is to take it slow. Usually, newbies can use an edge once they choose rifles for their games to get faster current. And, of course, fishes cannot spend all day long just to think about the fly and evenly, prior to the fly drifting away, they will pounce on it.

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